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When it comes to finding the perfect present for a coworker – whether it’s for a birthday, a holiday or a pre-parental leave celebration – there are a few things to consider. What do they like? How much should you spend? Are the same gifts that are appropriate for family and friends also appropriate for the people you work with?

If you’re currently shopping for a colleague’s special occasion, then continue reading to discover the top ten gift ideas for your coworkers:

Coffee Lovers

If you don’t know much about your coworkers beyond what they do and drink at the office, then a Starbucks gift card might be your best bet. Who doesn’t love starting off their workday in winter with a warm, frothy mocha? Or perhaps the office A/C isn’t working so well in summer and cooling down with a delicious, chocolaty frappuccino sounds wonderful.

Alternative ideas for coffee lovers include a pack of Keurig cups, gourmet coffee packs, and a new mug for their desk.

Winos and Beer Buffs

If your colleague doesn’t drink much coffee but raves about their weekend jaunts to the local winery or brewery for tasting sessions, then a bottle of wine or their favorite beer could be an excellent alternative. Spruce it up with a seasonal gift bag or a fancy bow and voilà! The perfect gift for a wino or beer buff.

Chocolate Connoisseurs

If coffee or alcohol seem like hit-or-miss gift ideas for a particular coworker, then chocolate is your next go-to gift option. Chocolate has numerous health benefits and it’s a delicious treat to keep in their desk for a particularly stressful day at work. Whether you buy a Ghirardelli’s gift set, a classic box of See’s candy, or even a pack of their favorite M&Ms flavor, chocolate is a wonderful gift for any occasion.

Fast Food Fanatics

Do you regularly see your colleague in line at the fast food shop down the street from your office? Or maybe they return to their cubicle each day during lunch break and fill the office with the smell of fresh French fries and burgers? If this sounds like someone you know at work, then consider buying them a gift card to their favorite fast food joint or even making a DIY “Lunch on Me!” gift certificate.

Desk Decorators

Coworkers who love decorating their desk with little knickknacks are generally easy to shop for because you just have to find something aligned with their interests that they don’t already have yet. Some ideas include: a photo frame and mouse pad that jive with the “theme” of their desk décor, a new figurine to add to their growing collection, or a book to add to their cubicle library.

Art Aficionados

Not all gifts have to remain in the workplace. If your colleague’s favorite hobby is decorating their home with unique furniture and wall art, then you can’t go wrong with a SoundArt canvas from Onsia. Not only does this add a more personalized touch to the gift, but it’s also something that will bring enjoyment for many years to come.

Spa Day Dreamers

Sometimes, a simple gift set of hand crème and a candle or a little packet of soothing bath salts can work wonders in workplace gift exchanges. Bath & Body Works has great deals on body lotion and wash during the holidays, or perhaps you can find a Groupon deal on spa treatments for a stressed colleague to enjoy.

Fashion Fans

Got any trendsetters in your office? If so, then they might appreciate another bracelet, tie, or scarf to add to their wardrobe (it’s easier buying no-size items for coworkers, just in case). In the week or two before you pick out their gift, observe what colors and styles they gravitate towards and later tailor your wearable gift to their preferred fashion choices.

Pop Culture Junkies

If you have a coworker who regularly attends comic conventions, talks about the latest Marvel shows and movies in the break room, has transformed their desk into mini Hogwarts, or has dozens of Disney pins and pictures lining the walls of their cubicle, then what better way to surprise them for their birthday or a holiday than by adding to their pop culture collection? Once you know a person’s favorite movie, TV, or book series, then shopping for them becomes so much easier!

Animal Enthusiasts

Many people love their pets as much as they love their children and giving them a gift to share with their dog/cat/rabbit/snake/horse/etc. is a fantastic way to bond over your mutual love of animals. Animal-specific gifts – dog toys, holiday catnip, a custom pillow with a picture of their pet printed onto it, etc. – show more thought and personalization than just giving someone candy for a special occasion.

What about you? What gifts have you bought for coworkers in the past that were received well? Tell us in the comment section below!