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There’s nothing better than an outdoor summer barbeque when it comes to celebrating the onset of good weather and the kids’ break from school. From shopping for meats and veggies for the grill to devouring fresh pasta salads and sipping icy beverages with friends and family in the backyard, everyone loves a good get-together in sunnier months. If you’re hosting a summer barbeque in the coming weeks, then check out these tips for making it an awesome cookout for all your guests:

Creative Summer Barbeque Themes

There is so much more to a summer barbeque than just the main entrée. Coming up with a creative theme for the decorations, food, drinks, and games creates a memorable experience for everyone who attends.

Surfing for summer barbeque ideas on Pinterest is a great way to find unique themes, mouth-watering recipes, and food presentation tips from creative folks all over the world. You have so many options when it comes to choosing a theme, from a simple, one-color scheme to an elaborate pirate-themed BBQ party complete with eye patches and bandanas for guests to wear.

Summer BBQ theme idea from Party City.

Summer BBQ theme idea from Party City.

Condiment Craze

You can never have too many condiments at a large summer barbeque. Think beyond the typical ketchup, mustard, and steak sauce options and give your guests a little more flavor with zesty garlic pesto, reliably spicy Sriracha, savory mango salsa, creamy chipotle mayo, tasty teriyaki glazes, mouthwatering marinara, hot hot hot habanero spritzes, and anything else you can dream up! Go the extra mile with flavorful toppings for the meat, such as pineapple rings, avocado slices, grilled bell peppers, caramelized onions, and spicy peppers, to name a few.

Create a condiment station near the grill where guests can browse your collection of sauces and other toppings. You can label them with post-it notes or popsicle sticks (sticking out of the sauce bowl), and use simple plastic utensils for serving.

Condiment bar from Dooley Noted Style.

Music is a Must!

You can’t have a party without music, but who wants to drag the bulky living room speakers outside and find a plug for them? Ditch the conventional wires and heavy sound systems for a Sound Art canvas. The beautiful artwork includes a hidden, wireless speaker, which lets you stream music from your smartphone or tablet for hours during your summer barbeque. There’s no need for cords or CDs with Sound Art; a place to hang or display your customizable canvas in your backyard and a music source is all you need! Best of all, the incredible blend of art and sound will make your Sound Art piece the talk of the party!

Connect the music playlists on your phone to your Sound Art canvas outside!

Connect the music playlists on your phone to your Sound Art canvas during your summer barbeque.

Delightful Dessert Ideas

No summer barbeque is complete without a sweet ending. You can stick to the usual ice cream and cake ideas, or you can get a little more creative with savory cupcake recipes, homemade caramel corn, drool-worthy summer popsicles, and individual servings of crème brûlée flambé served in cups that match your party’s theme.


Delicious desserts are a sweet ending to a great summer barbeque.