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Most of us artists are driven by our passion for creating unique art, rather than making lots of money, but attending an art fair can be pretty expensive if you’re not getting a return on your investment. There are many costs involved for artists who want to put their wares on display for the public to see with their own eyes. Art fairs charge booth fees for exhibitors, and there are also your own costs to account for, such as transportation, equipment rentals, food, shipping, and more.

Whether you’re preparing to attend your first-ever art fair or you’re a seasoned art show veteran who wants to attract more visitors to your booth, there is a simple way to amplify your art fair presence for a relatively low cost: customized Sound Art canvases from Onsia.

Why settle for traditional art displays when you can showcase your finest artwork on a high-quality canvas that is sure to catch curious customers’ attention as they approach your booth? Sound Art comes in four different sizes and it is fully customizable, which allows you to decide which of your designs, photos, or paintings you want to put in the spotlight.

If you’re wondering what makes Sound Art so unique, it’s the combination of a personalized canvas and a wireless, hidden speaker that makes it a must-have item for any artist who wants to attract more visitors to their booth at the art fair. With a powerful Bluetooth-enabled speaker built into the back on the canvas, Sound Art can play 8-12 hours of continuous music with no ugly cords corrupting your otherwise immaculate art display.

It’s easy to get lost in a sea of booths at the art fair. But adding a Sound Art canvas to your exhibit will set you apart from other artists and amaze art fair attendees with the irresistible blend of music and art.