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Contest giveaway items with your brand subtly included are some of the best ways to attract new customers and keep your brand front-and-center in current customers’ minds. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram make branded contests more cost-effective than ever, and promoting awesome contest prizes on your social channels is key to building your number of followers (who could later convert into customers).

From a psychological perspective, Priceonomics points out that people really love free stuff, which makes contest giveaways all more important for boosting your brand’s presence. But with so many contests running online nowadays, the best way to stand apart from the crowd is by offering a truly one-of-a-kind contest giveaway, such as Sound Art canvases.

Sky’s the limit for your contest ideas with Sound Art. You can order an 18×24 canvas with one of our gallery prints or order several customized, 9×11 canvases with an image containing your logo printed onto the canvas. Sound Art blends this unique artwork with the power of music, thanks to a Bluetooth-enabled speaker built into the back of the canvas.

Imagine the possibilities: your contest giveaway winner(s) can hang their prize on any wall in their home and play music for 8-12+ hours from their canvas using a music app from their smartphone or tablet.

Order Sound Art canvases today to take your brand’s contests to the next level. Gift cards and small tchotchkes like pens or t-shirts are alright contest giveaway prizes, but if you want to offer potential and current customers something truly spectacular, then a custom audible canvas from Sound Art is the only way to go.