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The Fourth of July is right around the corner and the new Patriotic Collection for Sound Art can help you celebrate America not only in July, but all year long and for many years to come!

The Patriotic Collection from Onsia offers several beautiful canvas designs for the next Sound Art addition to your home, such as the Patriotic American flag print. With a vintage American flag in the foreground and the silhouette of a saluting soldier in the background, this print declares your allegiance to the United States of America with its breathtaking design and symbolic appreciation for military members who serve our country.

Another excellent print from the Patriotic Collection for Sound Art is the Military Boots and American Flag design. The combat boots are front-and-center in the print, and there will be no questioning your American pride with the red and white stripes of our flag in the background.

If you want more of an edgy design for your Sound Art canvas, then you won’t want to miss our Navy Destroyer and Multi-Color Air Show Planes canvases. These two designs offer a brilliant splash of color with incredible photography from the deck of a U.S. naval destroyer and five military jets soaring through the skies with red, white, and blue streaming out behind them.

The Patriotic Collection for Sound Art not only has unbelievable artistic and photographic designs for the canvas itself, but each piece includes a high-powered Bluetooth speaker concealed behind the canvas. You can play music all day long from music library on your wireless device – without needing to charge your speaker in between albums! So whether you’re playing “God Bless the USA” by Lee Greenwood or instrumental versions of your favorite patriotic tunes, the Patriotic Collection of audible canvases is the perfect way to salute the star-spangled banner and declare your support of our military every day of the year.

Check out the new-and-improved Onsia gallery today to find our favorite American prints in the Patriotic Collection!