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Did you know that on Father’s Day in 2001, commander of the International Space Station Yuri Usachev received a talking picture frame of his 12 year-old daughter while he was in orbit? Personalized photos and frames have been popular Father’s Day gifts for years, but if you want a truly one-of-a-kind gift for the father of your children, then you won’t want to miss what Onsia has to offer.

Sound Art canvases by Onsia come in four sizes and you can customize the canvas with your favorite photo of the kids or your whole family. Better yet, Dad can listen to any album he wants directly from the canvas! All he needs to do is sync up his smart device with the high-quality, Bluetooth-enabled speaker hidden within the canvas, and voila! Eight to twelve hours of continuous music to help Dad reduce stress and relax in the home office or living room, wherever you choose to adorn your walls with your beautiful Sound Art canvas.

Sound Art makes the perfect Father’s Day gift because you are not only thanking Dad for everything he does for the family with extraordinary wall art, but you’re also giving him a unique, audible artwork gift that will last for many years to come. If Dad loves golfing, then you won’t want to miss our collection with Michael Klemme photography printed in high definition onto the canvas. If you’d rather personalize the canvas with a family photo, then that option is readily available as well.

Don’t relegate Dad’s beloved photos of the kids to small, dusty frames on his desk or bedside table. Bring your family photos to life with Sound Art, and eliminate the need for messy wires with your state-of-the-art wireless sound system. A Sound Art canvas is an incredible gift for any occasion but especially for hardworking, music-loving dads on Father’s Day.

Check out our gallery of Sound Art images to order the perfect gift for Dad before Father’s Day!