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If you’ve been considering a bathroom makeover, then why settle for another boring theme when you can transform the room into a decorative masterpiece? Start with these four incredible ideas to get a feel for what you’re looking for:

Beach-Themed Bathroom

Who doesn’t love a tropical paradise right in their own home? A beach-themed bathroom makeover is the perfect way to get away from it all with unique bathroom faucets, white lanterns filled with sand and seashells, light blue walls, vibrant hibiscus flowers on the sink, and tropical lamps. As a finishing touch, a canvas from Sound Art’s Palm Trees and Ocean Breeze Collection would be an incredible, complementary piece of art for any beach-themed bathroom.


Beach-themed curtains and decor make your bathroom summery all year-round! Photo: HayNeedle

Rustic Country Restroom

Nothing says “comfort” like rustic country décor and the best way to achieve this is with a bathroom makeover consisting of leather, brown color schemes, and denim fabrics. You have quite a bit of flexibility when it comes to rustic designs. Whether you want dark brown cabinets with hard stone flooring or light brown cabinetry with horseshoe knobs and a bridle rack repurposed into a towel rack, the rustic charm of this bathroom décor theme cannot be beat.

Customize your own Sound Art canvas with a photo of horses, country roads, or other rustic photos to add a unique piece of audible wall art from which you can listen to your favorite country albums while you’re in the shower.

Photo of a horse printed onto a Sound Art canvas.

Sound Art is the perfect way to add rustic charm to your bathroom with its personalized canvas options!

Shower in Chic City

Whether you live in a rural town or a suburb on the outskirts of a larger city, you can bring the city life right into your home. A canvas from Sound Art’s Cities and Skylines Collection is an incredibly chic wall décor piece for folks who love Manhattan, San Francisco, London, or Paris and want to incorporate music into their bathroom makeover strategy. If you’re going for an international décor theme, then add a flag-printed rug, a postcard wall, a red phone booth cabinet (for the true London look), and other souvenirs from your favorite foreign city.

If you prefer a generic city theme for your bathroom, then you can’t go wrong with a streetlight-styled lamp in the corner and a shower curtain of the skyline, accompanied by color schemes of black, gray, and white (with the occasional splash of color) for the rest of the room.

France-themed bathroom from Amazing Interior Design.

France-themed bathroom from Amazing Interior Design.

Bright and Quirky Bathroom Makeovers

If you don’t want a set theme for your bathroom makeover plan but you still want something out of the ordinary, then adding quirky décor is a great way to spruce up those boring white walls. You can paint the room a different color or focus on the furniture and add a vibrant splash of color to your radiator, bathtub, or frames surrounding the mirror. Add a funky patterned shower curtain and a big, fuzzy rug to enhance your eccentric bathroom décor.

Neon green, hot pink, or tangerine orange may seem like unusual color choices for a bathroom, but they can significantly brighten up the space and add unique flair that few people ever see in bathrooms. As a final touch, cover a bland wall space with a Sound Art canvas from the bright and positive Muse Collection to fit the quirky theme.

Bright and funky tile decor from Tile Bar.

Bright and funky tile decor for the bathroom. Photo: Tile Bar.