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About Onsia® Sound Art

Your Art Never Sounded So Good

Combining your favorite artwork with the power of an Onsia®’s Bluetooth™ Enabled Sound!

Welcome to Onsia®

Our Mission of blending visual art with cutting-edge sound technology


Our mission at Onsia® is to transcend traditional ideas of art and sound and revolutionize the way people enjoy music. We have begun to fulfill our mission by adding visual art to the dimension of sound through cutting-edge technology. The technology Onsia® has developed mirrors our pursuit of the company’s core value of innovation. We refuse to duplicate or imitate when we can innovate. Thus, we have developed Sound Art™ powered by our Onsia® speakers.

Sound Art™ is unique in many ways, including the use of flat panel speakers rather than traditional “cone” speakers, and the combining of art and sound by concealing our speakers behind any type of art.

Our Company Story

Our journey of developing the right technology to produce a dream.

Onsia®., is updating sound for the 21st century. Nearly all speakers today use the traditional “dynamic” approach invented by Rice and Kellogg in 1925. This method of amplifying sound uses moving coils and electromagnets to push air through a paper cone to produce sound waves. Onsia’s founder, Steve Ventre, wanted to find a replacement for traditional speakers. His efforts resulted in Onsia® flat panel speakers, with a thin, almost flat, profile whose sound quality equals or exceeds that of traditional speakers.


Onsia® flat panel speakers replace the old technology of cone speakers with tiny “exciters” that produce micro-vibrations across a panel. These vibrations create a clear, concert quality sound. The initial application for Onsia® flat panel speakers was to place them in ceilings and walls where they could be concealed behind texture and paint, thereby eliminating any visual indication of the speakers.

Mr. Ventre and his team at Onsia® brainstormed about other applications for the Onsia® flat panel speakers. In the process, the light bulb of imagination came on. Why not put the flat panel speakers behind art? At that moment the concept of Sound Art™ was born. Mr. Ventre engaged Murray Kruger, who has three decades of experience as a picture frame designer and manufacturer, to assist him in developing the right kind of frames, canvas and art that would complement the flat panel speakers.

In addition, Onsia® engineer Juan Osuna began to develop Bluetooth technology for the Sound Art™ speakers. The result is a breathtaking new product that combines visual art with quality sound. Now consumers can buy museum quality frames and art through which they can hear their favorite music. Additionally, consumers can have their own art, family photos, or favorite scenes become speakers through Onsia’s custom process of creating Sound Art. The consumer provides the image (picture or painting) and chooses a frame (or unframed “museum wrap”). Then Onsia® takes what the consumer has chosen and produces a unique Sound Art™ creation, a memory that can both be seen and heard.

As if that isn’t enough, all Sound Art™ is available with Bluetooth technology. This means that not only are the speakers wireless, but buyers can use hand-held devices such as smart phones to play their music through the Onsia® Sound Art™ speakers. And for those so inclined, Sound Art is available in different styles and sizes. Onsia® has more innovative products that will soon be available.

The company believes that these products will be as revolutionary, if not more so, than Onsia® Sound Art™. Consumers will have to wait and see and decide for themselves. Even though Onsia® has set the bar amazingly high with Sound Art™, Mr. Ventre and his team sincerely believe that what is just around the corner will continue to delight consumers in the same way that combining art with sound has done. Meanwhile, Onsia® continues to work hard to earn its rightful place as a leader in sound innovation.

Are you Ready to Listen?

How to turn your favorite artwork into something that sings…

Sound Art™ introduces an entirely new way to listen to music in your home, letting you enjoy personalized, custom artwork, as well high-performance, wireless sound. Enjoy beautiful and amazing sound throughout your home while redefining your home entertainment system

Sound Art™ elegantly hidden behind a high-grade textured canvas wrap, brings together the best of engineering and design. This innovative product provides you with the high-quality sound you expect, without any electrical wires, sound cables or bulky speakers. 

This perfect balance of beauty and performance is something we call, Sound Art™.  Start with our Starter Series, then upgrade to our Signature Series or Surround Sound System.