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What things do you think of when you think of summer décor? Palm trees. Sand and seashell centerpieces. Glittering blue swimming pools. Mini umbrellas in colorful cocktail glasses. Photos from family vacations.

Summer is on the horizon, and Sound Art’s new Palm Trees and Ocean Breeze collection is a brilliant addition to all styles of summer décor. The canvases in this summer-themed gallery are 16×20 and the incredibly clear, Bluetooth-enabled speaker built into the back of the canvas can play music for over 10 hours at a time. Sound Art canvases are perfect for entertaining guests at backyard barbeques, 4th of July potlucks, luau birthday parties, and many other events during the warmer months.

Beautiful sunset at a tropical beach in Kauai Hawaii Islands.

Beautiful sunset on a tropical beach in Kauai, Hawaii.

Not only can you play any music you’d like from the Sound Art speaker – Hawaiian music, tropical ambience, The Beach Boys, etc. – but you can also choose from one of many different high-quality prints from the Palm Trees and Ocean Breeze collection by Onsia.

Nothing will make you feel more immersed in tropical paradise than our At Sea Aboard a Yacht, with the sun shimmering on the ocean as a charming sailboat floats the forefront of the photo. If you have more of an affinity for beaches and splashes of nature’s most wondrous colors, then we highly recommend the gorgeous Kauai Sunset, the Tropical Escape’s Long Tail Boat, or the breathtaking Waikoloa Sunset at Anaeho with darkened palm trees outlined by the orange sun setting on the western edge of the ocean.

sunset at sea on aboard the Yacht Sailing

At Sea Aboard a Yacht

If you’re looking for something more abstract, then discover our Colorful Shells or Blue Starfish prints, which will accentuate simple, yet mesmerizing summer décor themes in your home.


Summer décor has never been more beautiful than with Sound Art’s Palm Trees and Ocean Breeze collection. There are so many photos of sunsets, beaches, boats, and seashells to choose from in our gallery, and the wireless speaker within the canvas makes Sound Art so much more than simply wall décor. This innovative blend of music and art will liven up your home all summer long (and beyond).